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Thursday, October 14, 2004

More beers

OK, just killing a minute here. For the record, Lisa and I wound up sampling a Smuttynose Pumpkin Ale last night, because I liked that IPA so much. Wonderful beer actually. The concept of Pumpkin Ale frightens me, because I generally hate fruit beers (with the notable exception of anything resembling a real lambic--sorry, Sam Adams, you don't count). But is a pumpkin a fruit? Will perhaps post some more thorough notes. For the moment, I'd call it delicately pumpkiny, with some nice subtle complimentary spices--none of the usual barrage of old-spice-cabinet-tasting, poorly integrated, mung flavors. On the contrary, it was fresh-tasting, bright, and uncluttered in its overall profile.

Tasting Victory Brewing's Prima Pils right now because I ran into a thing on Michael Jackson's Beer Hunter site where he referred to it as more or less the second best Pilsner in America and I thought, hey, didn't I see that on the shelf at Marcy Discount Beverage? Can't say I've had a better domestic Pilsner myself. My other favorites are Hubsch Pilsner from Sudwerk (though only on site really), Scrimshaw Pilsner from Northcoast, and, though it's a little over the top, Lagunitas Pils--decidedly West Coast beers those. This is brewed in Pennsylvania, which I'm discovering is an embarassment of brewing riches--see, for instance, Iron Horse, whose staggeringly accurate, refreshing, sour Kriek I sampled at that festival at Ommegang. Anyway, on to the Pilsner:

Really, really pale--Wonderful nose, with spicy hops. Presumably these are Saaz, but they come through pretty strong, almost semeing a little citrusy--are they supplementing them with something from the New World? Or is my impression of, say, Pilsner Urquell's bouquet just hopelessly thrown off by trans-Atlantic travel? Anyway, it's a bright, spicy, lemony aroma regardless. It's absolutely crisp, clean, and focused on the palate. My usual gripe about Pilsner's is they can be a little fluffy, or just have negligible substance in this regard. Here, not so: It's quite dry but the palate has a delicate nutty malt, with a firm, relatively lingering, almondy finish. Not too damn bad.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You make it sound so tasty and good but when it comes right down to it, it's still beer. Sigh... Forwarded your blog to Zeb - he'll appreciate it more than me.

Miss y'all tons!


1:18 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

You know that Jerm is getting in to home brewing (per your suggestion). You should start a group blog commenting on beer (you can easily add members) and then you might have posts more often than once a month.

8:43 PM  

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